Our Zen Green Stage putting green tilts and bends giving you millions of putting scenarios. Combined with its tournament standard stimp rating, it provides a true-to-life playing experience that helps to refine your short game and improve your confidence.

Book now to master your short game, just £5 for 15 Minutes.

Sharpen Your Short Game Year-Round

Get ready to experience putting like never before at Chingford Golf Range! Our state-of-the-art indoor putting green, boasts a revolutionary moving floor that elevates your practice sessions to a whole new level. This innovative green allows you to experience a wide range of slopes and pin scenarios, making you a more well-rounded golfer.

Hone your skills on undulating terrain that mimics real-world courses. This impressive technology lets you practise uphill and downhill putts, as well as breaks on varying slopes. This dynamic putting experience is perfect for all skill levels, helping you to improve your aim, speed control and slope reading.