Chingford Golf Range offers a welcoming and modern approach to improving your golf game, regardless of your skill level. Our PGA-qualified professionals, who have over 20 years of combined experience, believe in making learning simple and enjoyable. They focus on personalised coaching, tailoring lessons to your individual ability and goals. Whether you want to refine your swing, master your short game, or simply gain more confidence on the course, Chingford Golf Range can help you achieve your golfing aspirations.

Lessons incorporate video analysis, allowing you to see yourself in action and identify areas for improvement. This visual feedback, combined with expert guidance and a focus on fun, makes learning at Chingford Golf Range an engaging and rewarding experience.

Our PGA Professionals

Michael Perry

PGA Coach

Michael Perry is a qualified PGA Professional with over 18 years of experience teaching golf. He has an open-minded approach to coaching and believes that attention to detail through video analysis is vital for sustained improvement.

‘Observation is an excellent method of learning golf so I use video footage to demonstrate correct form and to highlight areas of improvement.’

Ross Spurgeon

PGA Coach

Ross Spurgeon is an experienced PGA professional who’s comfortable coaching golfers of all abilities. Ross uses our state-of-the-art Trackman 4 launch simulator to analyse your swing and make the experience as enjoyable as it is helpful.

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